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Logo design is always a straightforward process and, to be honest, it has become easier using email as the primary form of communication.

Generally, if you jot down your thoughts on a email it will probably be much more clear than it was before you started.

Verbalizing can be a little vague sometimes.


Once we receive your brief we will begin our process of trying to fit your personal preferences into a design that will not only relate well to your chosen audience but will fill the criteria that we know works for your product or service.


We send through our first thoughts, minus the ones that we know will not work.

Your feedback is necessary now for us to continue to develop the logo. After the second draft we are usually on a 'home run' and can begin to ensure that your logo will be practical for every type of print or application that will be necessary.


Once we have started on the second step of the design process you will be asked to pay for the package that you have chosen.


We ask this as our commitment to the finished product is established and it is our belief that your commitment should reciprocate.


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